“A Critical Review of Personalized Learning” Join us at AERA 2018 in New York for an open discussion

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“The challenge for our education system is to leverage the learning sciences and modern technology to create engaging, relevant and personalized learning experiences for all learners.” National Education Technology Plan, 2010

The idea that personalized instruction is best has become very popular. But what is actually meant by personalization, and does everyone agree? What are the costs involved in creating a customized experience for every learner? Does personalized learning mean that students will spend all their time in front of a computer? What is the impact on teachers?  How do we assess students’ progress if each has a unique experience?  As technology brings us closer to realizing the vision of the 2010 National Education Technology 2010, these and related questions are becoming more pressing.

Join us for an open conversation about the benefits and challenges of personalized learning at AERA 2018.

Please register with us here.

Project director Phil Poekert talked about our work in a session on Leveraging Technology to Support Individualized Learning in Classroom Settings at the 2018 IES PI meeting .

Click here to view highlights from our January 2018 Twitter Chat on Personalized Learning.


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