Algebra Nation helps struggling Florida students pass Algebra End of Course Exam

By vlearninglab|April 1, 2018|News|0 comments

Success in an algebra course is a predictor of college readiness, college enrollment and future employment. In Florida, student must pass an end-of-course (EOC) exam in basic algebra to qualify for high school graduation. But getting through a algebra exam is challenging for many students. In Spring 2017, 38% failed the exam, and 73% of those who were taking it for a second time failed again.

Dr. Walter Leite, Dr. Anne Corinne Huggins-Manley and doctoral student Duygu “Dee” Cetin-Berber found that Algebra Nation increases the chance that students who have already failed algebra once will pass on their second try.

The VLL team worked with Algebra Nation developer Study Edge and the Florida Dept. of Education to assemble data from nearly 4,000 students who failed the EOC in 2015 and took it again in 2016. Then they found students who matched on factors such as gender, grade, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, prior math achievement, and days absent from school. The Spring 2016 EOC scores of students who used Algebra Nation were about 7 points higher than those of comparable students who were non-users.

Dr. Leite and his colleagues will present their results at the April 2018 meeting of the American Educational Research Association in New York.

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